Orlando medical marijuana conference tackles treatment options, smokable pot issues

State lawmakers wrestle with whether children should be allowed to smoke

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Medical marijuana advocates are exploring different treatment options at a conference being held this weekend in Orange County.

The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference is taking place at the Marriott World Center from Friday through Sunday, and it features an expo at which vendors are showcasing different options for people using the plant for health reasons.

Don Moxley works for Grow Healthy, which he said plants, grows and sells medical marijuana around the state.

"There's a lot of people in the state of Florida that hurt. They don't want to hurt," Moxley said.

He said Grow Healthy plans to open a new dispensary on Turkey Lake Road in Orlando in June.

"Whether that pain comes from arthritis or overuse or post-traumatic stress or fibromyalgia, we know that cannabis is a very effective tool for treating all of those," he said.

But should Floridians be able to smoke medical marijuana?
That's a question state lawmakers are wrestling with right now in Tallahassee.

Facing a mid-March deadline issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis, lawmakers are trying to draft legislation that would allow patients to smoke for medicinal purposes.

But one of the issues facing them is whether children with chronic ailments should be able to smoke.
Josephine Cannella-Krehl said she testified before the state Senate about that question just a couple of weeks ago.

She said she doesn't want children to get high, but she wants children who are suffering to get the help they need.

"We should allow patients and families, in collaboration with their physicians, to decide what the best route of administration is," she said.

The current Florida House bill is available here, and the current state Senate bill is available here. 

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