Seminole County firefighters rescue service dog that fell in hole

Mickie did not suffer serious injuries from incident

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GENEVA, Fla. – It took Seminole County firefighters less than a half-hour to rescue Mickie, a service dog, after he fell in a hole.

Mickie went missing Tuesday evening while Trudie Fluharty and her family were gathered in their backyard.

"I couldn't find him, and called him and we were calling and all of us just became alarmed and running around," Fluharty said.

The Geneva mother said the long-haired lab her son gave her never wanders away. After a few hours, Fluharty said a family friend decided to join the search.

"Our good friend, Bob, said, 'I just want to use a little of my Irish luck,'" Fluharty said. "He came out with a flashlight and his dog nosed around a little thatch of grass, and he looked at it and moved it, and Mickie was looking up at him."

Fluharty, who has lived at the Geneva home for nearly 40 years, said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Mickie.

"He wasn't whining or whimpering. I think he was almost in shock, actually," Fluharty said.

While Fluharty and her family were searching for Mickie, he was trapped at the bottom of 6-foot hole along a seawall in her backyard, until he was rescued by firefighters.

"They did a really wonderful job. It's almost like that is what they do," Fluharty said. "They said, 'We're here and we serve you, and we're in Seminole County, and we take care of it.'"

Mickie is doing well and did not suffer any serious injuries from the incident.

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