Former Bunnell cop accused of posing as teen girl online again

Michael Starvis arrested on violation of probation charge

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – A former Bunnell police officer who recently got out of prison on charges related to posing as a teenage girl on social media has once again been accused of a similar crime, according to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said in the most recent case, a 17-year-old girl said someone was using her photos and talking to her friends to gather personal information about her life on a fake Facebook account. The girl also said that the person behind the account was sending nude photos to people claiming that the photos were the girl, but they were not, the report said.

The girl's mother told deputies that she suspected Michael Stavris, a former sergeant for the Bunnell Police Department, was behind the account because he blamed the family for his arrest in 2014.

In that case, records show Stavris pleaded guilty to using a teen girl's photos on a fake Facebook account in which he solicited explicit pictures from teenage boys, many of whom lived in the Flagler County area. Stavris had been in prison since 2016 but was released Feb. 11.

"It's very alarming because it tells law enforcement that this particular subject is going to continue to engage in this activity and he obviously has not learned his lesson," Flagler County Sheriff's Office Chief Steve Brandt said.

The most recent fake Facebook account had been deleted by the time the girl alerted authorities but she was able to send them some screenshots. It's unclear if Stavris was the person who created that account.

"They suspected that they may have been him based on the way the account was set up," Brandt said.

Deputies said they want to Stavris' home Tuesday to conduct a probation check and when they checked his cellphone, they found he had the Facebook app on his phone and he uploaded photos onto it, which is against the terms of his probation.

“It is very alarming that this individual would violate his probation so quickly after being released from prison,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “He has apparently not learned his lesson and just 15 days after being released from prison he is back in the Green Roof Inn. I hope he is sentenced to a lengthy prison term so he cannot exploit children or anyone else in the future.”

Stavris was arrested on a violation of probation charge.

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