News 6 at 6 -- 3/5/19

Governor outlines plans for Florida's future; overnight lows dip into 30s

Happy Tuesday. Here's your afternoon update from News 6:

State of the State

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shared his plans for the state's future Tuesday in the State of the State address. Read his full speech that marks the opening of the state's legislative session.

Substitute teacher arrest

Days after a substitute teacher was arrested on charges of molesting two Osceola elementary school students, four more victims have come forward, deputies say. Get the latest on the 19-year-old suspect's arrest and what new charges he's facing.

Cruise ship lists

It was an extreme gust of wind that caused a Norwegian cruise ship to list, sending tables, glass bottles and more across the floor. See pictures and video from passengers who captured the chaotic moments.

Esports arena opening

Full Sail University is embracing the future of sports and celebrating the opening of its new esports arena set to debut later this year. Get a sneak peek at the largest esports arena on a college campus.

Uniqlo at Orlando mall

Global Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo is opening its second Florida location right here in Central Florida. Find out when the store will open at the Florida Mall and what shoppers can expect.

Mardi Gras celebrations

It's Fat Tuesday and Central Floridians are officially getting their Mardi Gras celebrations underway. See the list of ways you can get in on the celebrations.

Cold blast

It's been a chilly Tuesday in the Orlando area, and temps are about to drop even more. Find out when you could feel lows dip into the 30s and how long the chill will last.