What to expect in Tallahassee as the Legislative session begins

Political expert visits 'The Weekly'


ORLANDO, Fla. – The 2019 legislative session is now underway in Florida. 

While some of the issues this year are familiar -- guns, health care, education and the environment -- they will play out in front of new cast of lawmakers. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis has hit the ground running since taking office in January by prioritizing environmental problems, medical marijuana and education in his $91 billion proposed budget. 

News 6 political expert Dr. Jim Clark joined anchor Justin Warmoth on "The Weekly on ClickOrlando.com" to explain what to expect in Tallahassee over the next two months. 

"With this kind of money proposed for the environment and education, it will be interesting to see how Governor DeSantis works with the Legislature," Clark said. "He has a real opportunity to take the state in a different direction." 

Other big measures lawmakers will discuss include repealing a ban on smokable medical marijuana and making texting and driving a primary offense, something News 6 has been working to change since 2016. 

Watch the full preview of Florida's legislative session Sunday at 8 a.m. on News 6. 

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