Deltona man accused of impersonating an officer to influence traffic in Pierson

Suspect accused of attempting a traffic stop on a detective

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said a Deltona man is accused of impersonating an officer to influence traffic.

The sheriff's office said Thomas Farmer is also accused of giving a detective in an unmarked vehicle a verbal warning.

On Sunday, Detective Sgt. Todd Smith said he was off duty and saw a driver activate flashing red emergency lights while speaking over a public address system.

The sergeant said he saw the red truck while he was in his unmarked vehicle.

The truck had a specialty license plate, special lights and radar, according to Smith.

Farmer is accused of flashing a white light bar in attempt an to conduct a traffic stop on Detective Smith.

The sheriff's office said the sergeant asked Farmer if he was a law enforcement officer. Farmer told the sergeant he was not. 

Investigators said Farmer's behavior before he talked with Smith indicated he was an officer. Smith gave Farmer a warning.

After the incident, Smith found out Farmer had pretended to be an officer in two other incidents.

He has been charged with false personation of a law enforcement officer.

Farmer remains held at the county jail on a $2,500 bond.