Man runs over woman at middle school dance meet, Oviedo police say

Suspect faces attempted murder charges

OVIEDO, Fla. – A man is accused of intentionally running over a woman while they were at a middle school dance meet Saturday evening, according to the Oviedo Police Department.

Police said they were called to Lawton Chiles Middle School when witnesses began yelling that Terrence Moore, 44, had run over a woman in the parking lot, backed up to attempt to run her over again and then sped off.

The victim told News 6 that Moore is her abusive ex-boyfriend and he attacked her Saturday because he was upset that she has a boyfriend and she doesn't want to be in a relationship with him.

An officer conducted a traffic stop at the entrance of the school before Moore could leave the property, according to the report.

The victim's boyfriend said he was with her in the parking lot when Moore approached them both and began hitting the woman multiple times, then hit the man, according to the report. After throwing several punches, Moore got into his Jeep and drove toward the pair, hitting the woman, police said.

The victim said that her car took the brunt of the impact.

"The car stopped him from completely running me over," she said.

Surveillance video showed Moore reversing the Jeep in an attempt to run over the woman again, according to the affidavit.

A concealed carry permit holder also witnessed the incident and got his firearm to confront Moore but the report does not indicate he fired the weapon.

The woman was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment. Police said she suffered minor injuries and has since been released from the hospital.

The victim, who attended the event with her daughter, said she's glad her injuries weren't worse.

"What if my daughter would've walked out and I actually was dead? That's nothing for her to see. Nobody's child should have to see that, no adult should have to see another person be beaten, man or woman," she said. "Nobody should see no one getting run over by a car, man or woman." 

Moore was arrested on charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, felony criminal mischief, leaving the scene of a crash and domestic violence battery.

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