This is how K-9 policing got its start

Practice dates back to 1800s

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Jim of Azalea Park asked “When did K-9 policing start?”

One of the earliest recordings I could find where dogs were used in modern policing was in 1888. In London, bloodhounds were used to search for a still well-known bad guy, Jack the Ripper.

Of course, they may have been used for hunting prior to this but when it comes to law enforcement use of dogs, this really set the tone for K-9 policing. Over the years, their responsibility has grown greatly from explosive ordinances, narcotics locating and of course, human tracking. 

In today's time, police K-9s are treated and protected by the same laws that cover their human partners. From human companions to fighting crime, our dogs are an amazing part of our lives. 

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