Students pepper-sprayed during fight on school bus, police say

Teenage girls could face charges


EATONVILLE, Fla. – Several students were affected by pepper spray during a fight on a school bus Tuesday morning, according to the Eatonville Police Department.

The fight happened shortly before 7 a.m., causing the bus driver to pull over, step in and break up a physical altercation between two teenage girls while on his route.

The bus driver was headed to Edgewater High School when the two girls started fighting while the bus was near the intersection of Sunnyview Circle and Greenwood Road.

Investigators said one student pulled out and used pepper spray.

“Several students were affected by the pepper spray, which is very serious for us and they didn’t sustain any injuries. However we’re very concerned about that,” Eatonville Police Detective Broderick Lampkin said.

Lampkin said none of the students on the bus had to go to the hospital, and Orange County Public School District would notify parents who had children on the bus about what happened.

He said the bus driver did the right thing by stopping, stepping in and notifying police.

The two teenage girls who started the fight went home, but Lampkin said they could face charges