Man accused of stealing $10,000 in jewelry after responding to online ad

Khalid Coulton arrested in Altamonte Springs

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – The Altamonte Springs Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff's Office said a man suspected of stealing jewelry posted for sale on the website Let Go has been arrested.

Police wrote in their report that Khalid Coulton lured a couple of his victims to an apartment complex about a half-mile from where he lives.

Detectives said that Coulton's crime spree started in October when he responded to an ad for a $1,500 gold necklace. The victim told investigators that Coulton arrived at his house in Orlando and "forcefully grabbed his necklace and left without payment."

On March 13, a woman said that she posted four rings for sale on Let Go and arranged to meet a woman and her boyfriend on the 500 block of Calibre Crest Parkway. She told investigators the rings were valued at $3,800. The victim told Altamonte Springs police that "she handed the subject the rings, and the male fled on foot westbound without paying."

On March 21, police said another woman showed up to the same address to meet a woman to buy her jewelry. The victim said she posted two rings for sale for $3,500. She said she brought a friend with her and thought it was strange when a man approached the car. She said the suspect grabbed the rings and threw a bundle of cash into the vehicle.

Altamonte Springs police the money totaled "$2,200 of fake money with Chinese print on the sides of it."

A neighbor at the apartment complex told News 6 that she had never seen Coulton before. 

"You work very hard for what you have, you know what I mean? It's unfair for somebody to just walk in and just take it away from you. It's not right," neighbor Yvonne Dehaney said. "That's amazing, because you are right here and don't know what's going on."

Investigators said Coulton admitted to committing the robberies. 

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