News 6 at 6 -- 3/28/19

Details on Disney's smoking ban; Orlando Apollos' future in jeopardy?

Friday is so close, we can taste it. But first, here's your daily dose of headlines from News 6:

Disney bans

Starting in May, smoking and vaping will no longer be allowed in Disney parks. See what other big chances are coming with newly announced policies and how they could affect you.

Gator at bus stop

An aggressive gator at the gate of an Apopka neighborhood had to be removed by wildlife officials after it was hissing and bucking near a school bus stop. Watch the video residents captured of the 9-foot gator at their neighborhood gate.

No more Apollos?

The Orlando Apollos and the rest of the Alliance of American Football just made their debut this year, but could the league already be folding? See what the majority owner said about the possibility of the league's future.

Smear campaign

You may have thought there was only one way to slice a bagel -- until you saw the latest internet debate. Get a look at the tweet of bagels sliced like a loaf of bread and why it's sparking breakfast controversy.

Wind, wind go away

The rain and hail are gone, but Central Florida is feeling some strong winds Thursday. See the full forecast to find out what's in store for your weekend.