Orange County homeowner said strangers broke into home, couldn't fit sofa in getaway vehicle

Owner said someone also broke his fence

ORANGE COUNTY – An Orange County homeowner told News 6 that he's outraged after someone broke into his house.

Duc Nguyen said on March 26, he logged on to check his security cameras while he was at work.

"I'm so angry," said Nguyen.

Nguyen gave News 6 video that he said is surveillance of the incident, showing three strangers entering his home on Blossom Terrace in Orlando.

Nguyen said that he also gave the video to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

"It looks like the street is empty. No people around," said Nguyen.

Nguyen said that the video shows an unknown person using a dolly to take out a 75-inch TV from his bedroom.

With the front gate locked, he said that the person broke the fence in order to get the television to the street. 

About an hour later, the video shows a white SUV pulling up to the home. Nguyen said that one of the strangers then runs up the driveway and repositions a security camera.

Nguyen shows video from another angle, showing the vehicle backing into the driveway. That's when he said the group set sights on his brand new sofa, worth thousands of dollars. The homeowner said that couch didn't fit into the truck.

In the video you can see several people attempting to load a portion of the couch into the back of the SUV, before the same people are seen bringing the furniture back inside. 

In total, Nguyen said several laptops, a camcorder, TV and a handgun were taken from the home.

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