Get out, already! Orlando #10 city for adults living at home with parents

(Getty Images)

ORLANDO – Maybe they just like mom's cooking or perhaps they're just lazy, but when it comes to cities with the most adults living at home with their parents, Orlando ranks near the top of the charts.

A new study shows that Orlando ranks No. 10 in the country with adults between the ages of 25-40 who permanently crash at their parents' place.

In an astounding number, LendingTree's study shows nearly 21.1% of people ages 25-40 in Orlando live with their parents.

Miami is the only Florida city with a higher percentage (27.7%) of adults living at home with mom and dad. Tampa slots in a few behind the City Beautiful at No. 14.

Of the Orlando adults who live at home with the folks, 5.9% are unemployed. That number means they are unable to find work, but actively try to do so. But an incredible 19.5% don't even participate in the labor force and don't try to find a job.

In the battle of the sexes when it comes to freeloaders, the men (51.5%) who live at their parents' home far outpaces the women (48.5%).