Team black or silver car? Epic driver standoff in LA goes viral

(Credit: @Mrhflrs)
(Credit: @Mrhflrs)

Parking spots in Los Angeles are few and far between, so much so that two cars spent more than an hour battling over one in Koreatown, while the world followed along on Twitter. 

A witness overlooking the event from her apartment window across the street from the coveted parking spot decided to document what she saw.

Twitter user @Mrhflrs kept an audience updated, saying, “This car is blocking this car from grabbing this prime spot.”

As more people started to follow along, the epic standoff turned into a debate of black car versus silver car on Twitter. 

The standoff had a fitting end when another car pulled out of a spot, creating parking spots for both cars. It then took some time for either driver to exit their car.

Model Chrissy Teigen even got in on the debate, taking the black car’s side. 































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