When SpaceX will now aim to launch Falcon Heavy; summer-like storms in forecast

News 6 Now -- 4/8/19

It's Monday, so News 6 is here to help you start your week off smart. Here's what you need to know:

Canceled flights

American Airlines continues to cancel flights amid the investigation into the safety of Boeing 737 Max planes. Find out how dozens of flights are being canceled per day and what the company is saying about it.

Devastating fire

A Brevard County couple and their six children lost everything when their home burst into flames last week, including their dog, which is still missing days after the fire. Share their story and find out how you can help them get back on their feet.

Falcon Heavy launch

You'll have to wait at least one day more than SpaceX planned if you're waiting to see the company launch the massive Falcon Heavy rocket from the Space Coast. See why the launch has been delayed until Wednesday and what you need to know about the rocket.

Kranch: Cringy or nah?

Heinz has done it again: The company recently rolled out yet another combination condiment you're probably not sure about but would be willing to try to get in on all the buzz. Get a look at the Kranch -- ketchup and ranch combo -- you may want to try with your next meal.

Skipping spring?

You'd think Central Florida missed the whole spring memo with the heat we've been feeling lately. Find out when the chance for summer-like storms is in the forecast and for how long.