Historic oak tree removed from Volusia County

Disease kills tree outside Volusia County Administrative Buildings

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DeLAND, Fla. – Branch by branch, an iconic tree in Volusia County was taken down. 

A fungus had eaten away at the live oak tree that has stood outside the Volusia County Administration Buildings in Deland for years. 

The tree was originally planted shortly after the buildings were completed in the late 1980s. Because of its age and size, the live oak tree was deemed historic by the county. 

"It's definitely a shame that it had to come down," Joanna Magley, community information director for Volusia County said. "Unfortunately a few years back, it began dying."  

County leaders said the tree couldn't be saved because of the fungus hexagonia hydnoides. 

The historic tree won't be gone for good. A good chunk of the trunk will be turned into a bench. 

"We're just happy we're able to take part of this tree and transform it into another useful purpose," Magley said.  "Just in time for Arbor Day, this will be back to looking beautiful just with a smaller younger tree." 

A new oak tree will put down roots in its place, as will three other new trees in the area. 

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