West Melbourne resident hangs noose on front door, offending neighbors

Police say it's not a crime to hang a noose

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. – Police Friday asked a West Melbourne resident to remove a noose they had hung on the front door of their home.
Damien Milner called police this morning when he said he noticed the noose on his neighbor's front door. Milner's family is biracial.

"I was driving my son to school and I noticed a rope in a circle shape on the front of his door. It was in the shape of a noose," Milner said.
Feeling uncomfortable, he called West Melbourne police.
"Officers responded due to the suspiciousness of it as far as, you know, it's not every day that you see a noose hanging on somebody's door," Sgt. Michelle Page said.
Police said even though it's not a crime for someone to display a noose on their own property, officers asked the residents to take it down.
The noose was no longer on the front door Friday afternoon.
"It was just very, very concerning and I felt like it was inappropriate," Milner said.
If the noose stays off display he said he'll be happy to move on and let go of any hard feelings.
"If it's taken down and the message has kind of gotten sent that, that's not appropriate, I think I would be OK with that and I could move along," Milner said.
A different neighbor said the noose was hanging from the residents' door for 20 years. Milner said he only first saw it Friday morning.

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