'Seek shelter' alert mistakenly sent to Stetson students

University investigating error

The Stetson University football stadium
The Stetson University football stadium

DeLAND, Fla. – Stetson University officials are investigating how a "seek shelter" alert was mistakenly sent to students Wednesday night.

Students were actually supposed to receive a message notifying them that the public safety phones were out of service.

"As we were attempting to send a message to the community about the public safety phones being down, a more general 'seek shelter' alert went out in error," a message sent to the campus community Thursday read. "We apologize for the erroneous message that was sent last night, and are working to correct the issues."

Information technology, public safety and communications personnel met Thursday morning to discuss what happened and notify the alert systems vendor.

"We will keep you informed in the event of changes. Please know that your safety is a priority and we will work to ensure similar mistakes do not happen in the future," the message read.

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