News 6 at 6 -- 4/22/19

Easter Bunny fight goes viral; did those jelly beans really ruin your diet?

Easter may be over, but this viral Easter Bunny fight is just getting started making its rounds on social media. See the hopping mad rabbit that's taking over the internet and get a look at what else is trending Monday on ClickOrlando.com.

Easter Bunny fight


Remember Bad Santa? He isn't the only one acting out on his beloved holiday -- the Easter Bunny was seen throwing punches in downtown Orlando, and the video has gone viral. See the showdown and find out what led up to it.

Setback for SpaceX?

A pinkish plume of smoke seen billowing from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station this weekend is raising questions about whether SpaceX will be able to launch astronauts from U.S. soil as soon as hoped. Get a look at the photo showing what the company says was an anomaly with its Crew Dragon capsule and what it means moving forward.

Bombs dropping soon

If you happen to hear extremely loud booms in Marion, Volusia or Lake counties this week, keep calm and carry on. It's just the U.S. Navy dropping live bombs in the Ocala National Forest -- no biggie. Find out when they're scheduled to drop and how long the noise could last.

Earth Day celebrations

It's April 22, which means it's time to celebrate the best planet in the whole universe. We promise we're not biased at all. See how you can help save the planet this Earth Day and the history behind the holiday.

Easter ruin your diet?

It's probably a bad time to bring this up, considering we all pretty much ate our weight in them this weekend, but do you know how many calories are in a Jelly Belly? Take our quiz for some surprising -- but obviously very useful -- facts about the sweet treat.

Wonderful weather continues

After a pleasant weekend, courtesy of the Easter Bunny, the beautiful weather is expected to continue through the workweek -- or at least most of it. Find out when a new front will bring changes to the forecast.