Ocala man hid in woods after drug deal ended in shooting, police say

Suspect arrested on marijuana possession, sale charges


OCALA, Fla. – A marijuana sale at an Ocala townhome complex ended in gunfire Saturday, according to police and a suspect who said he hid in the woods after fleeing gunfire.

Ocala police were called to the Carriage House Townhomes on NE 7th Street for reports of gunfire.

Officers said they found an empty GMC pickup truck with the driver's side door ajar. Inside, officers found a 9 mm handgun, which was reported stolen April 3, and 118 grams of marijuana, according to the arrest report.

Several bullet casings were found nearby, police said.

Ocala police officers said after they were on scene for an "extended period of time" 20-year-old Keishaun Snead approached them and said he was the one who had been driving the truck.

Snead told officers a friend asked him for a ride to the Carriage House Townhomes to sell some pot. Snead said he knew his friend's backpack, which was found in the truck, contained a large amount of marijuana. After conducting a transaction at the townhomes, Snead told officers a pair of men approached the truck as they were leaving and his passenger asked him to stop to sell them pot.

Snead told officers when one of the men produced a gun he jumped out of the truck and ran around to the back of two townhomes. He said he heard gunfire and believed the man was shooting at him.

He hid in a wooded area before presenting himself to officers "because he was tired of sitting in the woods," according to the report.

Officers arrested Snead Saturday morning. He was booked into the Marion County Jail on charges of marijuana possession, intent to sell and grand theft of a firearm. Snead posted bail the same day, jail records show.

No other arrests were made.