Coyote spotted near Lake Baldwin Dog Park

Warning signs posted around park

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Residents have been put on alert after city leaders say a coyote was spotted Thursday evening near the popular Lake Baldwin Dog Park. 

Notices were posted around the park Friday evening. 

Important Park Notice: 

We recently received a non-confirmed, coyote sighing at Lake Baldwin Park. Please report any sightings to our on duty Park Ranger by calling 407-473-3346. Please do not make attempts to chase or engage a coyote if sighted. In the event that a coyote is sighted we ask park guests to vacate the immediate area and keep a safe distance. 

No attacks have been reported at this point. 

Taylor Babasa was walking her two dogs, Brodi and Benji, Sunday morning when they spotted the coyote. 

"I didn't believe it, then I saw it, it's there," she said. "I looked up, and he was laying there (in the bushes)." 

Now, she's keeping a close eye on her Boston terrier and French bulldog.  

"They wouldn't stand a chance with a coyote," she said. "I used to have them on retractable leashes, but now I have them on these bungee ones so they can't go as far." 

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