Houston high school pioneers new dress code: this time for parents

No pajamas, shower caps allowed


It’s typical to hear a school has a dress code for students, but a dress code for parents might be a first. 

James Madison High School in Houston, Texas, is now enforcing a parent dress code after a letter from the principal was posted to the school’s website, according to KPRC.  

Prohibited items include satin caps, shower caps, pajamas, revealing clothing and sagging pants among others.

The letter told parents if they don’t comply, they will not be permitted inside the school until appropriately dressed. 

“To prepare our children and let them know daily, the importance of attire they are supposed to wear when entering a building, going somewhere, applying for a job, or visiting someone outside of the home setting, I am going to enforce these guidelines on a daily basis at Madison High School,” Principal Carlotta Outley Brown said in the letter. “We are preparing our children for the future and it begins here."

KPRC reported the dress code was put into place after a mother allegedly tried to enroll her daughter at the school but was turned away for how she was dressed. 

How would you react if your child’s school implemented a dress code for parents? 

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