‘I suffer from mental illness': Accused killer of caregiver writes to judge

Scott Nelson describes weight loss, demands speedy trial in letters from jail


WINTER PARK, Fla. – A man facing the death penalty for murder charges in the death of a Winter Park caretaker wrote a letter to the judge about his mental state ahead of Wednesday’s competency hearing in Orange County. 

Scott Nelson is accused of kidnapping and killing Jennifer Fulford in 2017. Her body was found days later in west Orange County.

The hearing had been on hold for months since Nelson's arrest more than a year ago.

Surveillance videos were later released of Nelson using the victim's credit card at an ATM following her disappearance.

In the newly released letter, Nelson writes about losing 40 pounds in jail to support his claims that he is not being fed enough. He also tells the judge about his life and mental state.

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“My whole life I’ve been abused. I’ve got no money, no family, no friends and the government wants me dead. I suffer from mental illness,” Nelson writes. 

Nelson faces several charges, including first-degree murder, kidnapping and carjacking. The letter shows he could be tied to other crimes.

“I’ve provided a full confession, gave up unsolved armed bank robberies and promised to divulge 8 homicides. I’ve never been caught for this,” Nelson writes.

Nelson also wrote that he wants to testify on his own behalf at trial.

This latest letter seems to contradict a letter Nelson wrote in February, in which he claimed he was competent to stand trial.

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