News 6 at 6 -- 4/24/19

Why your child may want to avoid ball pits; Andrew Gillum faces ethics fine

It's time for your Wednesday dose of news and weather from News 6. Here's what's happening on this hump day:

Gillum fined

Remember that ethics complaint against former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum? The election might be over, but that's still a thing and he's now facing a hefty fine. Get the latest in the case and find out how much he's agreed to fork over. 

More I-4 changes

Sick of the I-4 Ultimate changes yet? We hope not (but we know you are), because there's another one happening in the Maitland area this week. Find out when a new I-4 westbound ramp is set to open and how it could impact your commute.

Credit card skimmers

Who still carries cash? You may feel like a dinosaur if you answered that question with "me," but experts say you're taking the safer route to pay at the gas pump and have a better chance of protecting your information from credit card skimmers. See a full list of other helpful tips to avoid skimmers.

Germy ball pits

Balls aren't the only things in the pits your child is begging you to play in. You may also find pink eye, yeast and other mysterious bacteria in there. Find out what other germs pose a threat in the pit and what steps your child can take to stay healthy if they just can't help themselves.

Parent dress code

Schools having dress codes isn't a new concept, but one Texas school is mixing it up by enforcing one for parents. That's right, no more pulling up to the car line in your shower cap and PJs. Share your thoughts on the new rules and whether you'd like to see them at your child's school.

Hot, hot, hot

This may come as a surprise to you, but it's still hot in Central Florida -- like, really hot. Find out how long the heat will stick around and when rain returns to the forecast.

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