Battle brewing over housing in Eustis for farmworkers

Neighbors expected to attend Planning & Zoning Commission meeting

EUSTIS, Fla.UPDATE: After public comment, the Lake County Planning and Zoning Commission denied the conditional use permit by a 3-1 vote for farmworker housing.


More than 100 residents are expected to turn out Wednesday morning to protest a plan to build a large housing complex near Eustis for farmworkers.

The project, proposed by the company Liner Source, calls for a 46,000 square-foot building to be built near the intersection of County Road 44A and Calhoun Road.

According to the documents it filled with Lake County, the company wants to be able to house up to 196 farmworkers at any given time.

The building would be built just 300 feet away from Stephanie Luke's home.

"Our biggest concern, actually, is the safety of our children," she said.  "They are in my backyard, and we’re talking about 196 people that I don’t know anything about."

According to filing documents, Liner Source proposed the building would be secured with a "full time housing manager" and a "security command."

"The business owners continue to say, 'We live here. We’re part of this community, too.'  They do not live here," Luke said. "Their house is not adjacent to any of the properties that we're speaking about right now."

News 6 contacted Liner Source and its consulting firm, LPG Urban and Regional Planners, to ask them about the neighbors' concerns.

So far, they have not responded.

Luke said she's spoken with many of her neighbors, and they want to make sure the Planning and Zoning Commission hears their concerns.

"This isn't just a couple people we're talking about. This is hundreds that are going to show up, hopefully, at this meeting and voice their concerns," she said.

The Lake County Planning and Zoning Commission meets on Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Lake County Administration Building in Tavares. 

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