The Weekly Newsletter: Florida legislative session comes to a close

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Did you miss your favorite News 6 newscast or do you need to share some stories on your social media feeds? Below is a list of big stories from ClickOrlando.com along with a recap of this week's interview on "The Weekly." 

'The Weekly' looks back on 2019 legislative session

While Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn't signed most of the measures passed, it's likely most of them will become law. One of the closely watched bills for News 6 is the ban on texting while driving in Florida. News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth spoke with UCF professor and News 6 political analyst Jim Clark about what lawmakers accomplished.

News 6 earns Celebration of Service to America award

Speaking of accomplishments, through a series of reports led by News 6 investigator Mike Holfeld, we were able to shed light on Florida first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The 21-month investigation ended with results -- a law and a lifeline for Central Florida heroes. 

Should teachers carry guns in school?

News 6 asked local school districts to weigh in, after the controversial bill was passed. When it's all said and signed, it's up to the districts to decide. For a look at reactions and to vote in our poll, click here.

Alligator delays mail delivery

For two days, a group of Winter Garden neighbors went to their mailboxes, and found them empty. Turns out, the mail carrier turned around when they noticed a gator lurking in a retention pond nearby. 

High school student finds success while family is trapped in Venezuela

At 19, Kayla Martinez is working two part-time jobs while finishing up school. Separated from her family, Martinez continues to keep her faith. She's credited a support team from Cypress Creek High School, as well as her love of musical theater, to help her get by. 

Disney's Hollywood Studios celebrates 30 years of magic

It's undergone a name change and has had a few facelifts over the years. Last week, Disney World's third-oldest theme park rolled out the red carpet. For a look at the past, present and future of Disney's Hollywood Studios, click here



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