Here's what the weather was like in Jacksonville when a plane skidded off the runway

Heavy rain may have been a factor


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A private charter jet skidded off the runway and into the St. Jonh's River just North of NAS Jacksonville Friday night, according to officials. 

The Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department told WJXT, News 6's sister station, the Boeing 737 with 143 people on board was coming from Miami. 

They said weather played a factor in the incident. 

News 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells looked into the weather conditions at the time the plane landed and skidded off the runway. 

1.) There Was Heavy Rain

According to Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells, it rained three-quarters of an inch around the time of the incident.

Sorrells said there could have been puddling on the runway, but said that is unlikely because airport runways are usually built to prevent puddling. 

2.) There Was a Thunderstorm

Along with the heavy rain, Sorrells said there was lots of lightning, fog and mist not far from NAS Jacksonville. 

3.) Not Super Windy

Few wind gusts were reported Friday night. 

4.) No Warnings Reported

There was a thunderstorm but according to Sorrells there were no thunderstorm warnings at the time of the plane's landing. 

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