SpaceX shipment reaches space station

Dragon capsule delivers 5,500 pounds to ISS

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – A SpaceX shipment has arrived at the International Space Station following a weekend launch.

The Dragon capsule reached the orbiting complex Monday, delivering 5,500 pounds of equipment and experiments.

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques used the station's big robot arm -- also made in Canada -- to capture the Dragon approximately 250 miles above the north Atlantic Ocean. An external cable that normally comes off during launch dangled from the capsule, but did not interfere with the grappling.

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SpaceX launched the capsule early Saturday from Cape Canaveral.

It's the second station visit for this recycled Dragon. It also flew in 2017.

The Dragon will remain about a month, being filled with science samples for return to Earth. It's the only cargo ship capable of coming back intact.