Thieves target Ormond Beach boat storage facility, taking parts, electronics

Police searching for 2 men

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Ormond Beach police hope surveillance video will help identify two men who stole thousands of dollars worth of parts and electronics from five boats Thursday night at the Stor-It Boat and RV Storage along US 1 and Portland Street.

Police said the suspects cut through the fence to enter the back of the property.
"Once they've removed the electronics, the two of them work in tandem to remove the lower ends off the boat motors," Police Sgt. Tom Larsen said.
A suspect is seen kicking off the part and police said  the two even stole multiple motors from a boat. Investigators believe everything they stole is being sold on the black market for a pretty penny. Electronics that were stolen include speakers and high end GPS devices.
"You're probably looking at $17,000-$19,000 off the boat motors themselves and the electronics we're gauging right now, easily at around $50,000," Larsen said.
Investigators contacted other law enforcement and believe the duo is from out of town and is part of a bigger crew.
"They're very systematic, know exactly what they wanted and where to go. Sometimes you get a single boat that's broken into or parts taken from, but not when you get multiple. That's usually a group that's targeting," he said.
Police urge boat owners to remove all electronics when storing at a facility.
"We know they're locked up," Larsen said. "We know they're secure inside there but still, if the thieves are targeting boats then the best thing you can do is just not leave those electronics on there."

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