Hawk harassing Daytona Beach woman flies coop

91-year-old says hawk dive-bombed her

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A 91-year-old Daytona Beach woman is happy to be a free woman at last after her unwanted feathered guest checked out for the last time.

June Miller shared her story in late April about the hawk who built its home on top of her second-story bay window and attacked Miller and her dog whenever she walked outside.

News 6 went back to visit Miller on Wednesday after she said the hawk living above her window is finally gone. News 6 helped Miller fill out paperwork and a permit request to remove the hawk and its nest.
"I could not walk out of my house without looking up to be sure that the hawk was not going to come and get you. They made that noise, that screeching, and you knew he was ready to dive," she said.
The resident said the bird nipped her head three times within the last several months leaving scars.

News 6 was not allowed inside the Pelican Bay Golf Community to get video of Miller's house but did receive pictures of the hawk nestled inside the large nest. Miller said she hadn't seen the hawk for two days and on Friday, she got a call from the local Florida Fish & Wildlife office after receiving the paperwork and asked for an update before moving forward.
"Michelle asked me to be sure there's nothing in (the nest) and it was empty," Miller said.
On Monday, Miller's friend brought over a tall ladder and removed the nest from the bay window. She said the nest was covered in Spanish moss and feathers and woven together with little sticks.
"It's nice being able to walk out without having to look up and protect yourself with hard hat, umbrella or whatever necessary," she said.
Miller said she'll receive the money back for the permit application fee since Mother Nature eventually took its course but is grateful for everyone who helped her along the way.
"I do appreciate them very much," she said.

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