Ocala golf course hit by vandals, tire marks tear up greens

Residents are patrolling the area at night now

OCALA, Fla. – The Lake Diamond Gold and Country Club in Ocala said that last week, vandals targeted two of their greens on their golf course.

Darrin Nowlin, the general manager told News 6 that on both the nights of April 29 and 30, vandals caused destruction on the perfectly landscaped area.

"My heart sunk. Just the work and effort, time, that it took to get it the way it was," said Nowlin. "What you see is three or four donuts right here."

Nowlin showed pictures of the damage before they started making the repairs. He said that some of the aftermath included holes as deep as four inches.

"I hope we can get it back. The superintendent is pretty confident that we can get it back. Just the text that we have to do it, is disheartening to say the least," said Nowlin.

Nowlin said that he is also concerned for the people who frequently walk in the area because of the off-road vehicles he has seen speeding down the streets in recent weeks.

"As we speak, there's some people walking a baby down the street. So, it's not safe," said Nowlin.

Looking to get results, Nowlin said that they'll continue to make the repairs, and get the course back to pristine condition for the loyal members. Some of those members he says, have been using the course for the past 20 years.

"They feel the same way that we do. They are broken hearted because they know, especially the regulars, they know what we've done to the golf course to improve it," said Nowlin.

Nowlin also said that residents have been patrolling the area at night, looking for anyone suspicious.

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