Student government at Trinity votes to remove Chick-fil-A from campus

Resolution to be sent to school administration

SAN ANTONIO – The Student Government Association at Trinity University passed a resolution Wednesday to remove Chick-fil-A from the restaurant rotation in the university's food court.

The school's student newspaper, Trinitonian, reported that the unanimous vote followed criticism from some students about the presence of the fast food chain on campus given the CEO's support of conservative organizations and legislation.

“Chick-fil-A has donated $1.8 million to anti-LGBTQIA organizations in the past available tax return form available, which is from 2017. Those include the Paul Anderson Youth Home, Salvation Army, the Fellowship for Christian Athletes,” Claire Carlson, sophomore senator said to the Trinitonian. “Also, we know about the Uganda scandal in 2014 with the anti-homosexuality bill that Chick-fil-A supported different interest groups in that that were advocating for that legislation. In addition to that, Dan Cathy, who is their CEO, has made a lot of problematic comments in the context of same sex marriage and things like that.”

Carlson was one of the students who drafted the resolution.

That resolution will be sent to school administrators, who will have the final say about whether Chick-fil-A remains on campus.

"Our food service vendor, which contracts with Chick-fil-A to be on campus a couple times a month at lunchtime, is currently in the process of reviewing dining services options and this will be considered as part of our normal evaluation process over the summer," said Tess Coody-Anders, vice president for strategic communications and marketing for Trinity.

Click here to read the full resolution.

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