Dream job: Natural Light will pay summer intern to drink beer

(Credit: Natural Light)
(Credit: Natural Light)

Have you dreamed of drinking beer on the job? If so, there’s an internship for you. 

Natural Light is searching for a summer intern and drinking beer is actually part of the position. 

It’s not about a high GPA or great references for this internship. Natural Light’s brand manager, Leon, say they are looking for "well-rounded, fun-loving human beings who know how to get things done."

There are some qualifications besides liking beer, like familiarity with social media, attention to detail, have confidence and just be cool. 

Oh, and you must be 21, of course. 

Besides product testing, the Natty intern will attend various events, create viral social media content, use guerilla marketing, design "sick swage" (cool stuff) and detail their experience in a weekly vlog. 

How much fun does that sound? The best part is you’re getting paid to do it.

The internship is only open to U.S. residents and you must apply by May 19. 

Click here for all the details. 

Get your resume updated and get ready for a summer of fun. 


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