Moms celebrate their special day at Daytona Beach

Families enjoy the beach before rain is forecast for Mother's Day Sunday

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Some mothers and their families are spending their Mother's Day Sunday at the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying their special day.

Many people came out to Daytona Beach early to beat the rain that was forecast for the afternoon. They're not letting bad weather or red flags warning about rip currents ruin their time.

Angie Melendez and her family made sure to get to the beach early.

"There was enough parking, so we didn't have to carry so much stuff a long distance," Melendez said.

Tiffany Heggestad is spending the day at the beach with her two children. She is taking a break from mom life to enjoy the sand and the surf.

"It's our day today. Exactly one day. No complaints, I'll take it!" Heggestad said.

Heggestad's 12-year-old daughter Ashlynn Robinson said she knows Mother's Day is all about her mom and all that she does for their family every day.

"It's a special day for mom because it compilates their hard work and everything together," Robinson said.

But it's more than just a day for Pamela Montgomery, a mother of three firefighters. She channeled their fighting spirit to become a breast cancer survivor. She said at one point she was only given 18 months to live, but she is now celebrating nine years cancer free.

"It's a Mother's Day I'm thankful for. It's special because you can't have a time given on your life, can't have it. Eighteen months, I'm nine years out. It's special," Montgomery said.

It's also a time to reflect on why these mothers love being a mom.

"All of the milestones. Whenever they first walk, start talking, saying mama [and] papa, want to lay down on you and cuddle," Melendez said when asked what makes being a mom so special. "Just to have them on your chest at night, it's the best feeling in the world. You get a tear in your eye."

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