Accused Peeping Tom arrested again

Thai Williams, 18, arrested in Orange County

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orange County man previously accused of peeking inside of a teenager's bedroom window is now back behind bars on new voyeurism charges.

Deputies arrested Thai Williams, 18, Friday after investigators said a neighbor's home surveillance camera caught him on video looking into a girl's bedroom while using a flashlight last Thursday and Friday morning. 

The latest alleged victim did not want to be identified, but she told News 6 that Williams is her former classmate from school and his allegations are concerning. 

"Not knowing exactly when or what time he was looking at me, if it was while I was getting ready, or while I didn’t have any clothes on," the victim said.  "I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone."

The alleged victim told us she's still trying to recover from the scare. 

"I feel uncomfortable now, myself to get ready in my room, to get ready anywhere, and I’m just very cautious about what I do now," she said.  "I never thought this would happen to me now, but it did, and it can happen to anyone."

Williams faced a jail judge over the weekend in Orange County. She granted him no bond and revoked his bond based on his previous voyeurism charges earlier this year. 

Court records show Williams was arrested back in February on similar allegations. 

Deputies said video cameras caught Williams on at least six different occasions, from August of 2018 to February 2019, peeking inside of a different former classmate’s bedroom window in a separate Orange County neighborhood.  In one case, a neighbor told deputies he saw Williams using a ladder to peek inside of the girl's bedroom, records show. 

The latest alleged victim said she hopes Williams remains in jail on no bond. 

"All around I hope that he gets the help that he needs because I don’t want any of this to happen again to any other girl."

Williams remains locked up in the Orange County Jail on a new charge of voyeurism among other charges. 

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