Casselberry considering erasing double yellow line on residential roads

City engineers: Double yellow, wider streets increases speed, injuries

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – On Monday evening, Casselberry city engineers and commissioners discussed the idea of deleting double yellow lines on residential streets where the speed limit is 25 mph, and making the streets narrower. 

Kelly Brock,a city engineer and the deputy director of the Casselberry Public Works Department, wrote in a memorandum to the mayor and commissioners that research has shown wider roads lead to increased speed and the risk of injuries and fatalities.

"Regarding centerlines (e.g., double yellow), [the book] Walkable City Rules points out that studies have shown use of centerlines on urban two-lane roads actually encourages speeding and reduces safety," Brock wrote. "Many of Casselberry's two-way streets currently have centerlines."

Brock said lanes that are 12 feet across or wider are appropriate for highway speeds. Many of Casselberry's streets typically have lanes that are 12 feet wide.

Lanes that are 10 feet wide are appropriate for speeds of 45 mph or less.

Many of Casselberry's streets have 25 mph speed limits.

Casselberry points to Hermits Trail in Altamonte Springs as an example of a street that utilizes the measures.

Hermits Trail is a narrowing, winding, residential street only 20 feet wide. Each lane is only 10 feet wide. There is no double yellow line. The posted speed limit is 25 mph.

Residents who live along Hermits Trail had mixed feelings about the measures.

One man who praised the measures said narrow streets make it difficult for two cars to easily pass without both drivers paying close attention.

Wed Hyron said the measures don't make much difference.

"They come down here like a bat out of hell," Hyrons said. "Does this work to slow people down? Not necessarily from what I've seen. I've lived here come June 50 years."

This is the first time the concept is being presented to Casselberry city commissioners. If they like the idea, they may vote to adopt the measures on existing and future residential roads in Casselberry that have a 25 mph speed limit.

Existing roads with a 25 mph speed limit would be narrowed by painting striping on the sides of the roads creating shoulders.

Brock mentioned Quail Pond Circle, Southcot Drive, Sunset Drive and Lake Kathryn Circle as possible candidates for the measures.

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