Lawsuit claims boy was sexually abused by male classmate at Lake Highland Prep

Parents say school should have protected son

Lake Highland Preparatory School.
Lake Highland Preparatory School.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A lawsuit claims a boy was sexually abused and harassed by a male classmate at Lake Highland Prep and the school did nothing to stop the behavior.

The lawsuit, filed last month by the alleged victim's parents, says another boy "followed, stalked, bumped, kicked, bullied, harassed and lasciviously and sexually battered" a "much smaller boy" on an almost daily basis.

The victim suffered mental and physical anguish as a result of being touched and fondled in a "sexually offensive manner" by his classmate, documents show.

The parents claim the school and the alleged bully's parents knew about the "unwanted harassment" beginning in February 2018 but did nothing to correct the situation, forcing the alleged victim's parents to withdraw him from the school.

Lake Highland Prep officials are accused of refusing to enforce zero tolerance policies included in the school's code of conduct and failing to expel the alleged bully after several complaints.

The parents, who signed a $17,250 tuition agreement for their son to attend the private school, say administrators deceived them by making them believe it was a safe environment, breached their contract and were negligent in a way that caused harm to the alleged victim and his parents.

The alleged bully's parents are also named in the lawsuit and face allegations that they were negligent in raising their son and refusing to correct his violent behavior.

The lawsuit seeks $15,000 in damages as well as attorney fees.

Lake Highland Prep officials released a statement about the lawsuit.

"Unfortunately, we cannot comment on pending litigation. Our school’s number one priority is safety. Our mission and values are based on love, concern, and mutual respect for one another," Lake Highland Prep president Alfred G. Harms said.

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