Disabled woman says her Pine Hills home has been repeatedly burglarized

Security cameras stolen, wheelchairs damaged

PINE HILLS, Fla. – A Pine Hills disabled mother said she's fed up with the person or people burglarizing her home several times over the past few months.

Brenda Peacock lives on Hacienda Court and believes the same man has been targeting her family, but she doesn't know why. 

"We just (don't) understand why they’re doing this," Peacock said. 

Records show deputies have been called to Peacock's home 29 times since January. Three of those calls were burglary calls, a few were medical calls, and there were a few calls for a suspicious person.

Peacock said many of those calls are tied to her home burglar, who she said has stolen her security cameras, cash, medication and he has also been caught before running behind her home.

"My daughter’s purse was stolen. They took $628 and her whole purse," Peacock said.

Peacock said to make matters worse, it hurts knowing the mystery thief vandalized and even tried to steal her power wheelchair Thursday night.

She said the thief also tried to steal her daughter's power wheelchair. Her daughter is also disabled and recently had to delay starting her new job at SeaWorld.

"He pulled the wire whole out of my daughter’s chair and almost tried to pull them out of my chair," Peacock said. "Our chairs are our legs. My daughter just got a job at SeaWorld and she’s going to have to call them and tell them something happened again."   

Peacock said her family has had to add new locks and her daughter's boyfriend can no longer immediately surprise Peacock's daughter with his big planned engagement. 

"My daughter’s future fiancé, he was planning an engagement party, he was going to give her her ring. He’s had to cancel it now so we can get some kind of security in the house," Peacock said. 

In one burglary report filed with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Peacock described the suspect as a man with dark complexion and dreadlocks. 

Officials from the Orange County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating. 

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