Family says 3-week-old puppies stolen from Ormond Beach home

Family on fishing trip when puppies were stolen

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – A family in Ormond Beach said that they returned from a fishing trip Sunday and discovered their five puppies were gone.

Stephanie Keenan said her dog, Snowflake, was left unharmed, but her 3-week-old puppies were nowhere to be found.

"It's devastating, you know, it's depressing. You know, we feel violated," said Keenan. "Especially to see the dog going through what she's going through. She's running around back and forth. She's digging in places, going under shelves, couches, you know just wondering where her babies are."

Keenan said that after Snowflake's unexpected pregnancy, she made plans to give the puppies to family.

"We sit here and wonder, are they OK. Are they surviving, Is anybody bottle feeding them or taking care of them properly. That's, heartbreaking," said Keenan. 

Keenan said that whoever took the puppies,should do the right thing and return them.

"I'm just asking for you to have a heart and bring them back. If you don't want to bring them back, then give them to a friend of a friend who can get in contact with me," said Keenan.

The family also said a neighbor's surveillance camera is believed to have captured the incident.

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