911 calls released from alligator attack in Brevard County

The gator attacked a woman while she was wading in a pond

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – 911 calls from an alligator attack in Brevard County have been released.

The gator attacked Nichole A. Tillman, of Melbourne, while she was wading in a Brevard pond, 3 miles west of Port St. John Parkway, on Saturday.

The incident was reported after 3 p.m. at Fay Lake Wilderness Park in Port St. John.

Paramedics responded within minutes and quickly found Tillman.

Tillman suffered several injuries that were not life-threatening, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

One caller told a dispatcher they were at Canaveral Groves by Pine Street.

"We are in the middle of the woods right now," he said.

Another person described the injuries to a dispatcher.

"She is pretty cut up. It got her on the side pretty good," The caller said.

A short time after the incident was reported, gator trapper Frank Robb, who was contracted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, removed the alligator suspected in the attack, officials said.

Chad Weber, a spokesman for the FWC, said serious injuries caused by alligator bites are rare in Florida.

Residents and visitors should look for alligators in or near any body of water in Florida, Weber said. Alligators are more active during the spring and summer, he said.

Weber said anyone with concerns about alligators should call the FWC's Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-392-4286.