2 arrested after 4 of 5 stolen puppies found safe in Volusia County

3-week-old puppies were taken on Sunday.

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A family in Ormond Beach is celebrating after The Volusia County Sheriff's Office found several puppies that were stolen from their home.

The three-week-old puppies were taken on Sunday.

The family said that the suspects were tipped off after one of the them saw the family's post on Facebook, which showed them fishing.

"We put Snowflake on her leash and went out to the road to meet the detective. Immediately as soon as he pulled out the backpack, she kind of like already knew about what was going on," said Stephanie Keenan. 

Stephanie Keenan first spoke with News 6 on Monday, pleading with the public for the puppies to be safely returned.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office arrested Nicholas Uccello, 22 and Zachary Jensen, 19, accusing them of breaking into the Ormond Beach home on Sunday. The two are accused of stealing several items from the home, including the five puppies. 

"She's calmed down. She's got her babies back and I bet for her it was good to be reunited with her children," said Keenan.

Investigators said that the suspects gave the puppies to a friend, who was unaware the dogs were stolen.

"They got a little sick. I guess when they were being formula fed by who took them and go back to mom, they got a little sick and they were vomiting a little bit. One of the puppies was a little lethargic," said Keenan.

However, one of the puppies is still missing. The family is hopeful it is just a matter of time before the runt of the litter is found.

"Bring her home. She needs to be with mom and it's in the best interest of the puppy and just have a heart," said Keenan.

The family said that there were familiar with one of the suspects.

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