Scorching temps send hundreds of people to Wekiva Springs

The influx of people at Wekiva Springs may be a result of Kelly Park closure

WEKIVA SPRINGS, FL – With temperatures that feel like they're in the triple digits, people around Central Florida are looking for ways to stay cool. 

Dozens of cars filled the entrance to Wekiva Springs on Sunday. 

Angela Molleturo waited close to two hours to get inside the park. 

"Ridiculous, just an hour hour and a half just waiting in line to get into the park," Molleturo said. "People were cutting off. They were going in the opposite like flying by on the opposite side of the road. I'm like somebody is going to get in an accident."


The park has about 300 parking spots and when it gets close to filling them park officials don't allow anyone else in. 

With school out and scorching heat, that's already happened this past week. 

Rene Duque and his wife are camping at the park for the weekend. They wanted to venture out for a quick lunch, but the line outside the gates was too much. 

"We have never experienced something like this. It's really crazy, " Duque said. "Like the attendant said, hopefully when you close it you go out, you get in line and you get in quicker."

The influx of people at Wekiva Springs may be a result of a partial closure at Kelly Park. 

Alligator activity in the waters has prompted closure of the swimming and tubing area.