Florida officials want to reunite lost military medals with rightful owners

Medals were left in safety deposit boxes


ORLANDO, Fla. – Dozens of unclaimed military medals are in the state's possession and now, on what marks 75 years since D-Day, the Florida Department of Financial Services is renewing its push to reunite those medals with their owners.

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said there are close to 40 unclaimed medals in the unclaimed property program that have been lost or forgotten in safety deposit boxes across the state. 

“We can honor these brave military service members by returning these medals which represent incredible sacrifice. This is the least we can do to honor their courage and bravery. We must keep Florida one of the most veteran-friendly states in the nation — the 1.5 million veterans residing here deserve that,” Patronis said.

As part of Operation Return the Valor, Patronis urges any veterans or friends and family of veterans who are missing medals to contact the Department of Financial Services or go to FLtreasurehunt.gov.

Below are some of the names on the medals:

  • Earl R. Johnson
  • Dina R. Howard
  • John Woska
  • Richard Anderson
  • Charles Conklin
  • Jean Glaser
  • John J. Koss
  • Leah Eddington
  • Martha G. Perfetti
  • Richard Stephens
  • Virgil Rice

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