Florida woman brings machetes to ax-throwing bar, police say

Suspect claims she's killed 100 people, according to report

Victoria Morley
Victoria Morley

ST. PETERSBURG – "Bring your own machete" isn't a thing, even if you're at a Florida ax-throwing bar.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that 54-year-old transient Victoria Morley showed up at St. Pete Axe & Ale around 7:30 p.m. Friday wielding two machetes that she scraped together as she told the crowd “she had killed over 100 people with those machetes.”

Although Morley allegedly threatened to kill the manager, she was arrested without incident on charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and violation of probation.

Guests at St. Pete Axe & Ale can eat, drink and learn how to throw an ax at a wooden bullseye. Epic Axe in downtown Orlando offers a similar experience, just don't try to bring your own weapon.

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