81-year-old robbery suspect wanted to return to prison, officials say

Man served more than 30 years for 1981 Florida bank robbery


PHOENIX – An 81-year-old man with a decades-long criminal record for stealing from banks says he robbed a Tucson credit union after his release from prison because his monthly $800 Social Security payment wasn't enough to live.

Robert Krebs told FBI agents that he didn't wear a disguise to the 2018 robbery because he "kind of wanted to get caught" and return to prison.

Details of the heist were revealed in court records filed Friday.

Krebs served more than 30 years for a 1981 bank robbery in Florida and was sentenced to three years for a 1966 conviction in Chicago for embezzling $72,000 from a bank.

He did 17 years in Arizona for convictions dating back to 1980.

Krebs pleaded not guilty to a bank robbery charge stemming from the 2018 heist.