SUV crashes into Orlando worship center

No one was injured in incident

ORLANDO, Fla. – A SUV crashed into an Orlando worship center on Thursday night just minutes before Bible study was scheduled to begin.

Orlando fire crews said the crash happened around 7:30 p.m at the Streams of Life Worship Center, which is located at the corner of LB McLeod and Barack Obama Parkway.

"At some point I thought I was dreaming," said Pastor John Kapeen.

He said the driver of the minivan drove the vehicle off of Barack Obama Parkway, through bushes and straight into the front of the church.

No one was inside the church when the crash happened.

"We are very far from the road. Very far from the road," he said. "How that vehicle moved all the way and went into the church -- and right now, I still need answers because I have no idea how that happened."

Kapeen said the driver of the minivan told him she blacked out at the green light and doesn't remember what happened next.

He said he's very concerned about what will happen with his church's Sunday services, as the church has called this location home for eight years.


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