At least 12 cars burglarized in Orange County community, neighbors say

Neighbors woke up to their car windows smashed

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Some residents who live along Somersworth Drive in Orange County woke up Father's Day morning to find their car windows smashed and their vehicles burglarized, neighbors told News 6. 

Carlos Filipe said two of the cars parked in his driveway were hit.

"I wake up to a disaster on two cars. My kid's and my car," he said. 

Filipe said this is not how he wanted to start his Father's Day. 

"They just broke through the glass and that's it," Filipe said. 

Filipe tells News 6 his cars weren't the only ones targeted. He said at least 12 other cars along Somerworth Drive in MetroWest were also burglarized. 

News 6 saw other vehicles along the road damaged. The car owners swept shards of glass. 

One neighbor told News 6 their GPS system was stolen. Filipe said nothing was taken out of his cars except for his sense of security.  

"They took my will of living here, you know, and everything. Coming from New York, I said this is paradise. Now, I really don't think this is paradise," he said. 

Filipe said it will cost more than $500 to repair the two windows. 

He called the Orange County Sheriff's Office and filed a report. Deputies dusted the cars for fingerprints.

Filipe is hoping investigators can get crime results and find whoever did this. But until then, he said, he's asking his family for a specific Father's Day gift this year. 

"I do hope I get a gift now. At least a camera outside, that would be nice," he said. 

News 6 contacted the Sheriff's Office for more information regarding the vehicle burglaries. A spokesperson told us they would submit our request for the reports Monday. 

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