Heavy rain showers cause washout on I-4

Crews are unsure how long it could take to repair

ORLANDO, Fla. – After Wednesday's heavy rain showers, the Florida Department of Transportation is working to repair a washout on I-4 near the Princeton Street ramp.

The washout happened around 7 p.m. Wednesday after large storms moved through Central Florida resulting in heavy rain and downed trees.

FDOT crews were planning to work on elevating the pavement to allow for better drainage. Due to the weather Wednesday, crews were not able to work outside.

 According to FDOT, the storms had caused a washout where parts of an elevated section of the road washed away on I-4 and the temporary fencing came apart and went into the roadway.

Crews said "It was a drainage issue and the drainage system couldn’t handle the weather." 

Crews were working late into the night to make emergency repairs to the interstate. It is unknown how long it could take for crews to make the full repair.

FDOT issued a statement Thursday saying,

"The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is in contact with the contractor about emergency repairs at I-4 near Princeton Street, related to inclement weather Wednesday night. Weather conditions last night caused an underground drainage pipe to fail. This resulted in water, mud and materials to wash into one travel lane. The contractor then had to dig up a portion of the road to make repairs to the drainage system under the pavement. FDOT is requiring further action. This includes inspection of other areas along the corridor that have the same configuration. While FDOT understands that there are certain unique circumstances that come with temporary lane configurations in a construction corridor, safety is paramount. This is being communicated and emphasized to the contractor."