Four ways 'Toy Story 4' is actually for adults

Toys offer life lessons for adults

© Walt Disney Studios
© Walt Disney Studios

The wait is almost over to see your favorite gang of toys hit the big screen – again – in “Toy Story 4.”

The creators of "Toy Story 4" say the film will make you laugh, gasp and cry (either of laughter or sentiment). Kids are meant to get a kick out of it, but parents and other adults may get something more.

Here are four ways  "Toy Story 4" is actually for the adults.

(Toy Story 4 Trailer)
(Toy Story 4 Trailer)

Kids change things:

"Toy Story 4" has all of your old favorites, and a new group of toys going on an adventure. The toy taking center stage is Forky, a spork. The toys' new kid, Molly uses her imagination, giving this plastic utensil googly eyes and some pipe-cleaner arms. She not only redesigned the spork, but gives Forky a new purpose that he's not too happy about.

"I am not a toy. I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash!" Forky says in the film’s full-length trailer.

If there’s one way parents can relate to Forky, it’s that a kid can change your life and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Forky is a toy that Bonnie made out of a disposable spork, so he's facing a crisis. He wants to fulfill his purpose as a spork, but now has a new toy purpose thrust upon him,” director Josh Cooley told Entertainment Weekly in November.

Forky is a prime example of how you may think you have one purpose, but life can turn that thought upside down with the addition of new being in your life.

(Toy Story 4 Trailer)
(Toy Story 4 Trailer)

Work-life balance:

It’s hard to juggle work and keep up with friendships, just look at Woody. He’s basically a toy manager, and he’s trying to satisfy his new boss Bonnie and make sure the toys stick together. It’s a lot to juggle but for four movies, Woody has learned to manage.

"Toy Story 4" ups the ante, where Woody is already a respectable leader. He takes responsibility when Forky escapes, and goes on a wild goose hunt searching for him. Woody understands the idea of following things through and that sometimes fun has to take a backseat when you’re responsible for so many people, or in this case, toys. But what’s an adventure without a bit of fun? Woody is bound to crack or joke or two with his fellow toys.

(Toy Story 4 Trailer)
(Toy Story 4 Trailer)

Strong women aren’t forgotten:

We don’t know much about "Toy Story 4," but we do know Woody's love interest Bo Beep is back. This time she’s more daring than ever and Woody doesn’t seem to like her any less. 

The former damsel in distress has a whole new look and a new attitude. 

Bo Peep shows off her cool new moves in the film's trailer, which reveals Bo Peep to be this Toy Story 's heroine. She literally jumps in on Forky's rescue mission, ready to help Woody get the spork-turned-toy back to Bonnie.

For two of the three films, Bo Peep pushed Woody to be a better toy. In this movie, she pushed him in a different way and the love signs seem to still be there. 

Her iconic presence is bound to be worshiped by the audience. What should be praised is her unforgettable heart and how she always has the best intentions.

Bo Peep shows women that you can wear your petticoat and kick butt, too. As an added bonus, Bo Beep is an example on how you can support your significant other and still evolve and grow as a person. 

(Toy Story 4 Trailer)
(Toy Story 4 Trailer)

Reality check: 

Are you a spork? A toy? A person?

It's a question Forky tries to answer throughout the movie. Woody and the toys try and get him back after he escapes, because they believe he's one of the toys. 

Be honest, we have all needed a reality check. Remember Buzz Lightyear in the first movie? He thought he was a space ranger, not a toy. In reality, he’s a bit of both.

"Toy Story 4" is bound to follow the same theme, we already see it with Forky. Though Forky is reluctant to accept that he’s a toy, he is also a utensil. Now, this spork is no space ranger, though Bonnie could probably adjust that, he could become whatever he wants. 

He’s put himself in a box, and sometimes adults do that, too. The reality check adults should take away from this film is that there’s room to grow and be who you want to be, as long as you believe you can.

"Toy Story 4" is set to hit theaters June 21.

Watch the trailer below.

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