Intense heat in Central Florida causes record-breaking power usage

Air conditioners worked overtime on Tuesday

A power outage knocked out power to OneBlue Real Estate School.
A power outage knocked out power to OneBlue Real Estate School.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Intense heat in Central Florida caused record-breaking power usage and forced air conditioners to work overtime. 

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A power outage knocked out power to OneBlue Real Estate School. 

Kevin Johnson's Real Estate School was brought to a stop once the building lost power.

"We have two offices, kitchen. Our refridgerator, dishwasher doesn't have power. This air conditioning unit still doesn't have power," Johnson said.

Less than an hour before class was over, Johnson said he was left with no choice but to end class once the air conditioner stopped working.

"We were in here in the classroom and, within about a half hour it was noticeably warmer," Johnson said.

Duke Energy said the high power usage caused more than 2,000 customers to lose power.  

"So then I went next door to Pizza Hut, then to the karate studio and then to Sharon's next door and everybody was experiencing the same thing. One cooler at Pizza Hut was working but everything else was down," Johnson said.

Orlando Utilities Commission and Kissimmee Utility Authority reported customers broke usage records during Tuesday's heat.

"Thankfully, I kind of knew it was going to be really hot today thanks to the weather team, so we had the A/Cs on, got the place a little colder today," Johnson said.

The interrupted power caused an afternoon of headaches.

"So it's frustrating. You are having a good day. They are learning they are excited about their future careers in real estate," Johnson said. 

Duke Energy reports that power is back on for all of its customers. Customers who do not have power are urged to contact the company.

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